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Location: Middleborough, MA

DPW, Middleborough, MA

The Department of Public Works (DPW) in Middleborough, Massachusetts’ sought a new side entrance for its original facility. The original proposal of a traditional wooden side-entrance structure proved to be costly and limited in its adaptation. Hence, the DPW pivoted to a customised and durable fabric structure.

Salt Storage

70’ X 104’

Location: New York, USA

TJ Allen Trucking, Salt Storage

This is a 160-foot-wide by 500-foot-long fabric structure built over pier foundation. It was designed for TJ Allen Trucking by Britespan Building System for storing over 100,000 TONS of road salt. Our non-corrosive fabric lets in plenty of natural light, even on cloudy days and evenings, creating clear visibility for operators working inside the building.

Salt Storage

160′ X 500′

Location: Morgantown, WV

Greer Limestone, Equipment Storage

Greer Limestone’s quarry is located in the hills looking down on Morgantown, West Virginia. Greer needed a building that would withstand the elements as well as be large enough to store their equipment. Most importantly, Greer wanted a safe place for their employees to perform maintenance on their equipment.

Storage & Warehouse

60’ x 80’

Location: Vernon, BC, Canada

Pickleball Complex, Vernon

Finished by GNB Global in Vernon, this 12 pickleball courts facility is a spectacular build were the inherent translucency of NovaShield creates a well-lit atmosphere, reducing or eliminating the reliance on artificial lighting and contributing to energy and cost savings.

Sports & Recreation

145′ x 230′

Location: Markham, ON

Salt Storage, City of Markham

This salt storage shed provides the storage capacity required for the growth and expansion of the City over the next 10 years. The building location reduces the response and travel times for winter road vehicles by half.

Salt Storage

160’ x 400’

Location: Arlington, TEXAS

Warehouse, Mission Arlington,

Built for the Mission Arlington charity, this building stands 80 feet wide and 96 feet long in the city of Arlington, Texas. A unique build, this structure is mounted on concrete block wall and finished with stone veneer.

Storage & Warehouse

80′ X 96′

Location: Ottowa, Illinois

Ottowa Barge Terminal

After a devastating derecho tore through a fertilizer storage structure in Illinois in August 2020, the client sought a dependable solution for rebuilding this project. Naturally, the manufacturers at Calhoun Super Structure, turned to our fabric NovaShield to fulfil this crucial endeavour.

Fertilizer Storage

72′ x 264′