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Project : Salt Storage, Markham, ON



This salt storage shed provides the storage capacity required for the growth and expansion of the Markham city over the next 10 years. The building location reduces the response and travel times for winter road vehicles by half. The City’s 64,000 square foot salt storage facility can store about 20,000 metric tons of road salt, 4,000 metric tons of sand, and houses two large brining tanks!


The manufacturers, Britespan Building Systems, chose NovaShield for its durability, weather resistance and UV protection.


  1. Being lighter in weight and easier to work with than most competing brands, NovaShield’s advantage lies in its quick installation process and industry leading warranties.
  2. The inherent translucency of NovaShield creates a well-lit atmosphere, reducing or eliminating the reliance on artificial lighting and contributing to energy and cost savings.

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