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Project : Equipment Storage, Greer Limestone


Greer Limestone’s quarry is located in the hills looking down on Morgantown, West Virginia. Greer needed a building that would withstand the elements as well as be large enough to store their equipment. Most importantly, Greer wanted a safe place for their employees to perform maintenance on their equipment.


The manufacturers, Accu-Steel, chose NovaShield for its natural light and energy efficiency, adaptability and wider widths.


  1. Being lighter in weight and easier to work with than most competing brands, NovaShield’s advantage lies in its quick installation process and industry leading warranties.
  2. The inherent translucency of NovaShield creates a well-lit atmosphere, reducing or eliminating the reliance on artificial lighting and contributing to energy and cost savings. 
  3. Adaptability of NovaShield allows the Accu-Steel team to use shipping containers as their foundation. The building was attached to the top of the containers and the containers themselves offer even more storage space. This also ensures that the building can be relocatable.
  4. The wider widths of NovaShield fabric allows for clear spans and wide open spaces..