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Whether you’re building a vast sports arena or a multi-purpose event tent, NovaShield continues to be the proven choice for membrane structure fabrics for over 20 years. Designed to meet the industry’s highest standards, NovaShield's unique weave produces impressive strength-to-weight ratios and its lighter weight makes for easier, faster, money-saving installations.



The many benefits of NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabrics include:

  • 20+ years of in-field experience
  • Industry leading warranties (Up to 20 years)
  • A sustainable alternative (C2C Certified Bronze)
  • PVC free
  • Range of colors
  • Wide widths
  • Improved fungal resistance
  • Exceptional translucency
  • Light weight for easier transportation an installation
  • Our proprietary ‘Armorkote’ coatings which provide exceptional performance properties
  • Technological advancements to stand up to some of the most demanding weather conditions


Over the last 25 years, NovaShield structure membrane fabrics have constantly evolved. With an advanced platform, our current range of NovaShield fabrics is a result of many years of research and development, ensuring we serve you with products that meets today’s demands.


    NovaShield’s exclusive double- stacked scrim is a unique weave design offering strength and durability that our competitors don’t have. NovaShield is woven from high density polyethylene slit tapes and coated on both sides with low density polyethylene.


    Our proprietary ArmorKote technology makes NovaShield products highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and UV, allowing us to offer up to 20 year fabric warranty with excellent coating adhesion and seam strength.


    NovaShield ELITE utilises an additional layer of protection which when combined with our scrim and Armorkote coating produces a stronger, higher performing membrane. NovaShield's 'Elite' Series provides the next level in Architectural Structure Membranes thanks to this film- offering fabric warranty to 20 years.


    Developed and manufactured by the ECP Division of Intertape Polymer Group, NovaShield membrane structure fabric is designed for a variety of industries and applications. Our team takes the time to understand your unique needs and will help you select the NovaShield fabric that will deliver the performance that you require.


ECP, a division within IPG, specializes in developing, manufacturing, and delivering outstanding polyolefin coated fabrics for your custom application.

Our comprehensive and diverse product catalogue includes structure membrane fabrics, geomembrane solutions, house wrap, lumber wrap, roofing underlayment, banner fabrics, and other specialty fabrics.

With a strong focus on quality, technical support and service, our products cater to industries such as agriculture, construction, industrial, storage, transportation, advertising, water management, and mining.

ECP’s state-of-the-art, vertically integrated production facilities in North America and India empower us to meet the demands of a dynamic market, while upholding the highest quality standards. We take pride in our industry expertise and the trust we’ve earned from our customers worldwide.


IPG – Intertape Polymer Group

Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, IPG is a global provider of packaging and protective solutions across a diversified set of geographies and end-markets. The Company develops, manufactures, and sells a variety of solutions including paper and film-based pressure-sensitive and water-activated tapes, stretch and shrink films, protective packaging, woven and non-woven products and packaging machinery.

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**The following NovaShield products have achieved the Cradle-To-Cradle (C2C) Bronze Certifications:

NovaShield® RU88X-6 400 | NovaShield® RU88X-6 4mil | NovaShield® RU88X-6AK | NovaShield® RU88X-6(FR) 400 | NovaShield® RU88X-6(FR) 4mil | NovaShield® RU88X-6AK(FR) | NovaShield® FRU88X-6 400 | NovaShield® FRU88X-6 4mil | NovaShield® FRU88X-6AK | NovaShield® RU ELITE | NovaShield® FRU ELITE | Novashield® FRUC8-6 opaque white/ opaque white | Novashield® FRUC8-6 opaque white/ opaque black | Novashield® FRUC8-6 opaque black/ opaque black | Novashield® FRUC6-6 opaque white/ opaque white | Novashield® FRUC6-6 opaque white/ opaque black | Novashield® FRUC210 opaque black/ opaque black