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Project : DPW, Middleborough, MA


The Department of Public Works (DPW) in Middleborough, Massachusetts’ sought a new side entrance for its original facility. The original proposal of a traditional wooden side-entrance structure proved to be costly and limited in its adaptation. Hence, the DPW pivoted to a customised and durable fabric structure.


  1. Considering the DPW’s hillside location, installation of a new structure required meticulous alignment with the topography and foundation specifications. 
  2. It was crucial for the fabric structure to seamlessly integrate with the existing DPW facility’s modern design and colors. 
  3. Given Massachusetts’ harsh winters, the side entrance needed robustness and weather resistance to withstand heavy snow buildup and strong winds, preventing potential structural damage and ensuring safety.


The builders ‘CALHOUN SUPER STRUCTURE’ chose NovaShield for its durability, weather resistance and UV protection. A unique dormer design was incorporated above the entrance to avert heavy snowfall, mitigating the risk of structural damage.


  1. Being lighter in weight and easier to work with than most competing brands, NovaShield’s advantage lies in its quick installation process and industry leading warranties.
  1. The inherent translucency of NovaShield creates a well-lit atmosphere, reducing or eliminating the reliance on artificial lighting and contributing to energy and cost savings.


Cost-efficient with a shorter installation timeframe than traditional wood or metal buildings, Calhoun’s VP structure met the town’s design and function needs.

-Town of Middleborough, Massachusetts